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Re: Super article by Steve Voigt in PW... *LINK*

steve voigt
Hi John,

Thank you so much for the kind words. There is nothing so gratifying as getting kudos from a professional maker with great skill and high standards. I feel like I should print your post and pin it on my shop wall!

Regarding single irons, here are the two big differences.

(1) the wear angle is 15-20° more than the bed angle, though in rare cases (like the Seaton single iron jack) it is 10° higher than the bed, and thus coplanar with the abutments.

2) The plane of the abutments goes through the mouth, usually just a bit behind the front of the mouth (a factor that makes sawing the abutments easier than on a double iron plane).

3) I want to say that the wear is often a little shorter, but I could be wrong about that--I haven't studied enough historical examples of single irons. (Wiley, if you are reading this, I'd love to hear your thoughts)

Bob Roz. has an excellent post on the geometry of single irons, ugly double irons, and nice double irons.--I'll link below.

I think that's about it...if I think of some more, I'll post later.

Thanks again!

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