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david weaver
..of the Iles chisel pictures that I have, those voids are in some chisels and not in others. Same stone, different chisel, different picture. It could've been a bad blank or two. I'll see if I can go back to the chisel rack and find the one that looked the worst and take the pictures of the worst parts of it (they're right in the edge, like someone bit them out).

As I mentioned, I never noticed them in use. It's one of those things where if you're cutting sockets in something and you see the tiniest line, you probably never attribute it to anything other than a chip, but those look different (and different on different chisels - I started taking pictures of chisels with different levels of edge failure on them and different hardnesses, but I sort of ran out of steam. Maybe I'll dig them up. I need to organize all of this. I've got, perhaps, 10 different makers of japanese chisels, but only three that I know just what they are - iyoroi, kiyotada and the name of the third escapes me. At some point, *you can have too many*, so I have only kept one set of bench chisels, but for some reason, I find it defensible to have about 10 sets of western chisels, including two separate sets of vintage parers.

Not a one-week project, but if I find more that are outright defective, I'll take pictures of them. Getting pictures of the edges of a 13 inch long chisel is sort of a pain. the bevel edge needs too be just about in plane with the table on the microscope and I don't exactly have an industrial setup to make that happen. It's more like an assortment of books until you find a setup that gives you the right angle at the edge.

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