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david weaver
By the way, I consider myself rank amateur, too.

Yesterday, i was tired. Thus the wordy posts with no compass - it happens.

I would implement the washita challenge as something for some folks to do. It would go like this (you have to sharpen freehand to do it, but if you don't, this is a good time to go to that, too - you can see from my finished edges below that there's no deep scratches left at the edge, and the touch you get freehand outweighs any geometric perfection of guided sharpening easily).

Anyway, something like this (this is how I came to appreciate it, and the same thing with the cap iron).

Two weeks of heavy work in the shop (heavy as in choose a time when you'll be doing a lot).

Washita stone, bare leather (and if you're using V11, a fine india is OK as a starter - it's better than a diamond hone once it breaks in because it isn't so brash - not the same story when it's new, though - very brash).

Two weeks of work, nothing but the washita to finish - no pastes, polishes, etc.

By the end of the two week period, you'll be surprised how well you can get it to work, especially if you use a cap iron. The only time I've ever wished for a little more is paring one end on a plane (one end always pares better than the other due to grain direction), but even then, you can get by fine.

The same is a good way for people who use all kinds of stuff to get comfortable with the cap iron. Common pitch planes only, finish by planing and no sanding or scraping for a two week period. It's a lot easier to get that stuff mastered when you give yourself no other options.

(another btw...none of this is to slight Lee Valley - they're my favorite of the new tool makers and retailers. I guarantee they are doing what the market wants - the fanatics on the forum are a very small segment of the market)

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