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david weaver
I can't speak to George's reason. I don't know when he went through his great sharpening stone experiment - I sold a lot of his stones for him on ebay (a bunch of american hone company products). In terms of now, George doesn't do a lot of hand work with planes - he states that fairly regularly, he's used the gas in his tank for that kind of work.

I do recall him saying that he liked those stones because they will sharpen all kinds of wondersteels in knives. I know he liked A2 in irons over the 1070 they were using in williamsburg (he could elaborate on why that is, but I think some of it has to do with how well behaved it is in heat treatment).

I also recall him saying he doesn't like oilstones that much, though spydercos are a little more like oilstones (save the harder particles) than anything else around. They're a bit slow, and I recall that he starts with a diamond hone rather than the spyderco medium.

I like a washita better, even for stuff like V11.

In terms of opinions about actually doing work just in regard to woodwork, though (well, or metal work, or planemaking, etc) my opinion doesn't amount to much if George has any opinion at all.

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