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Re: Steels and their places

Patrick Chase
It's interesting that we seem to be circling back to something we touched upon several days ago, namely the idea of what's "good enough" in terms of edge quality and how often you need to re-hone.

As I noted then the idea of going straight from Washita to leather causes "cognitive dissonance" for me, as does the idea of letting my Jack iron go for an entire session. I know intellectually that both should be fine, but I seem to have a belief in uber-sharp edges that is more religious than rational.

I would nitpick one tiny point: I think that the PM steels have grain structure fine enough to delay the onset of detectable tracking. Certainly what you say is true of A2/D2/HSS etc: By the time the edge has "developed" enough for the carbides to help, it's already leaving tracks in fine work. I think that's one of Warren's arguments as well.

Thanks for the interesting discussion.

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