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david weaver
...I've got all kinds of embarrassing posts like that in the past, but they're all part of learning. I couldn't tell what Warren was saying sometimes because it's 1/2 advice and 1/2 you have to go figure it out for yourself (that's sort of what woodworking is, though - it's not a matter of more and more detailed and precise specific steps that apply universally).

Patrick's statement about V11 is probably true. At some point, he's going to let go of the thought that it really does anything better than carbon steel. When you've invested your time into making a decision about it, though, sometimes it's hard to let go.

At any rate, it's quite nice for what it is, but what it does has nothing to do with getting more or better work done except maybe for folks who haven't worked out a very practical sharpening routine. And that should be a temporary problem.

Of course, my practical setup involves just what I was jabbing Warren about - novaculite.

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