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Warren in Lancaster, PA
Thanks for writing this about searching, Patrick. I almost wrote the same thing this morning , but decided my post was long enough already.

We used to have a really fine search operation on WoodCentral. If you wanted to see what "RJ" Whelan said about cap irons in December of 2007, you could limit your search to posts containing cap iron, posts written by Whelan , December 1-10, and just the Hand Tool forum. David Barnett and I complained loudly when the site was upgraded.

There are some things that do not show up in a search. For instance David Weaver compared my use of Arkansas stones and 19th century steel to older craftsmen in March, 2011.

I wonder what the hard core bronze users thought when the iron age came along.

Try searching for "hard core bronze users". You more likely would get this post than the older one.

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