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Re: Anyone here made a lap desk?

William Duffield
Years ago, I made one with a sliding top and clipboard from Woodsmith plans. Although I did a lot of research on the Jefferson desk with a hinged writing surface, I never got around to building it. My original desk was designed for a pad of graph paper and drawing tools, but I keep thinking my ultimate desk should hold a laptop, but laptop form factors keep changing. For a while, I was using an iPad, but every time I started to build a portable desk for it, a hardware failure of the pad or its keyboard would change the physical requirements. For a while, I was using the bluetooth keyboard with a cell phone and backup battery, just for taking notes. Currently, I carry a MacBookAir, a mouse (the built-in trackpad is not very useful for graphics), USB hub, data sticks, backup batteries, chargers, camera, tripod, A/V cables, headphones, wireless presenter/laser pointer, pad of graph paper, pens, pencils, eraser, ruler, triangles, compass, dividers, etc., in a backpack like this one:


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