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Re: Anyone here made a lap desk?

Keith Newton
Yes, I made one for my Aunt Ludie back about 40 years ago. She and my Uncle were both teachers, with no children, so we always included them in our Christmas and other holiday gatherings. Back then we drew names instead of gifting everyone, and I always made my gifts.

I don't know who ended up with it, and don't have pics. I recall it was walnut, with dovetail corners, sloped leather writing surface, and little compartment for everything from paper to envelopes and pens.

I must have seen photos of one of these from our founders, for it to have been so similar.

If I were doing one now, I'd have to think about how to fit it for a laptop or iPad, and maybe a little printer, plus lots of little compartments for things like USB cords , SD cards and card readers, chargers and back-up batteries. Well, I guess it would end up being more of a briefcase in the end.

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