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Re: West Australian Woodshow 2017

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
William, I don't always agree with some of the decisions made by the judges. I know what their criteria are for the competition generally, but I would really like to read how they marked each piece individually. There could be a valuable learning area.

For the past few years I have missed out on even a place. Although my Lingerie Chest was voted Best Overall by the members of the club last year, the judges did not give it vote it above (what I considered were) three not-as-good pieces. Before this my copy of Hans Wegner's The Chair did not even rate a place .. yet was voted first place for chairs last year in the Pop Wood competition. This is not sour grapes (well, maybe a little), but I would have liked at the time to have known why they did not do as well as I thought they could. I suspect that others must feel this way as well about their contributions.

I think I am now in a position to suggest that judges provide feedback on the pieces they score. I think that this information would be helpful to all who entered, and all who have aspirations of improving their standards. What do you think?

Regards from Perth


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