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david weaver
I guess it depends on who it is. It's certainly true that once a conversation gets into fight fight mode, there are a lot of people who won't participate at all. Just as well as there are people who won't participate until it gets there.

The trouble is that when it does get to fight fight, I guess, is that it attracts two things:
1) the people who look for a fight but don't have anything to offer
2) the complainers who never post or read much, but they do like to participate if they can complain

#2 came in spades on another forum when George Wilson was there. Someone would disagree with him, it would turn into a fight and people would literally register to post and complain.

Some of it also depends on what we're all looking for, not just on a forum, but in life. There are folks who want to have a good relationship with everyone, and curiosity takes a back seat, or no seat at all. Some in the middle, and some (I suppose I might be more like the last) who are just about all curiosity, sometimes to the extent that I see nothing but the curiosity.

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