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Re: Thanks, and a question (long)

david weaver
I wish there was a section of sites where you could cut loose, and people who didn't want to participate wouldn't. I don't so much need the cut loose part where people. are nasty, but I'll take the stuff that people scream about when they're really trying to win an argument and are working at their best to get their barrels hot, if you know what I mean. That's when people stiffen up at their chairs and spill all of the details through the keyboard.

The discussions between Larry, Todd (Hughes), Derek, Warren, etc years ago are pretty much the start of the interest in the double iron (or at least the re-kindled interest in the double iron) and if it weren't for arguing, we wouldn't have heard anything from Larry - at least that seems to have been the case. Todd had good insight from a blacksmith's point of view, and I knew he liked to let the air out of peoples' tires when he had the chance ("that plane you showed that you got today, I think the seller saw you coming from a mile away. My girl ___ will bring me one of those a week for $3, and the one you have, I wouldn't have had her pick up because someone restored it"). Those were great fun (the name of the girl seemed to be different every time, with pictures to back it up), but a little hard on newbies if they hadn't seen todd's routine.

Anyhow, my experience in forums is that even when a forum owner is OK with that kind of stuff, advertisers are not - I guess if a reader can't get satisfaction begging a forum moderator, they take the low road and start threatening advertisers. It's too bad people have to be like that.

At any rate, Todd S. knows a lot about glue, and unlike most on here, I don't really care how I learn it from him. We all perceive things differently, and I didn't see as much of an affront, but that doesn't mean that other people shouldn't perceive it differently so that they see it the same as I do - that's not human nature. It's just too bad that it seems that the only way we can really get into the details lately is a disagreement, and when there is a disagreement, it usually leads to a cease and desist order one way or another.

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