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Re: Thanks, and a question (long)

Hank Knight
Hi, Wiley.

First of all, your wife's 4:00 A.M. tour of there city is a wonderful development! I hope it marks a lasting change for the better in her mobility.

Second, I'm happy you put in an appearance on Bill's behalf earlier. I started to do so, but you got there first. I agree generally with David's comment that lively disagreement and the ensuing discussion often brings helpful details to light that would otherwise would have remained obscure. However, I think the quality of the "lively disagreement" is important. One can disagree strongly but still express his position in a gentlemanly, respectful, appropriate manner. I thought Todd's attack on PVA glue above was none of those things. It was a sarcastic, snarky attack that had little to do with Bill's point and added little, if anything, to the discussion. It appeared to be an attack on Bill for bringing up the PVA bonding issue in the first place and I, thought it was inappropriate. Todd's subsequent posts did add to the substance of the discussion and provided good information that you, I and others find useful. But for the tone and target of his original post, we would not be having this discussion.

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