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Re: Thanks, and a question (long)

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi Steve and David,

David, I had mixed feelings about my own comment, because I felt an unfortunate thing had happened to my friend and I couldn't just let that go, yet at the same time it was all exactly the way people are, no more or less, plus there were some very useful insights from yourself, Warren, and Todd and the others commenting, so I didn't want to offend though I probably did. In any case, nothing can cloud me over now, as my invalid wife of 50 years got up out of bed today about 4 am, got dressed with help, got to her wheelchair, got to the front door steps, got to the car, got in the car, and rode around town with me to get a guided tour--for the first time in 20 years. It's a miracle and a new life.

Steve, on the technical point, the biggest insight of the thread for me was Todd's quantification of the gel times for the different strength hot glues. Specifically, 192grams has a long gel time, and I'm more inclined now to take advantage of that, and find a fast spreading way to eliminate a bunch of the steps I described above when using OBG.

Thanks for your comments!


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