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So let me do what Bill made a conscious decision not to when he deleted his post - defend his premise:

I understand that AR/PVA glues may not always be the choice that others make for use as a general purpose adhesive, but the fact remains that the stuff is ubiquitous in furniture making...a chair coming in for tenon reglue or carcass with drawers failing probably got glued with TB, so no matter the stellar nature of other sticky stuff, we are stuck with repairing an AR-contaminated joint or similar more often than not.

That said, most joints fail not because of ultimate strength issues, but instead because of the seasonal cycling of cross-grain construction and gradual, progressive cohesive or adhesive failure in that joint. While long grain to long grain joints may last for a very long time common cross-grain joints - lap, bridle, or more decorative variants - will eventually need attention. So yes - it is worth considering how to reglue an AR/PVA joint, and also worth understanding that because ultimate strength is very seldom the root of the issue with joint failure in most furniture, a partial strength joint repair may be not only good enough, but ultimately less disruptive than full disassembly, complete glue removal, and reglue.

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