Hand Tools

Re: For blended woodworkers.....

Back in the day when Japanese tools were more popular as a percentage of what was on offer, there were ads for them in FWW, both the Hitachi, and Makita small machines were sold, and then there are folks selling the industrial level machines here, like our friend from Ontario. http://www.solidwoodmachinery.com/supersurfacers.htm Always wanted one, but not really that practical, which doesn't normally stop me.

The heavy duty resaws were also popular back then. I saw one in a retirement home at one point, they were out there, but around here I don't see them for sale any more.

If you can get a Japanese catalog from either of those names, they have hundreds of tools we never see. There are also catalogs of their hand tools that have page after page of listing for every imaginable size and price of things like plane blades. And the prices are really cheap. One of my favourite planes uses a blade that sold for 10-13 dollare Can out of the LV catalog, back when that was still not all that much. An amazing blade, too bad we only get the tourist tools over here.

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