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Re: Wow! You're right, that really is

Todd Stock
Adjustable Clamp of Chicago, IL used to manufacture a half dozen sizes of handscrew clamps, with all of them useful for clamping or as a temporary vise (clamp or screw one vise in place, etc.). With their demise, the inexpensive overseas-sourced tools work, but I've found that Dubuque Clamp Works of Dubuque, IA makes a tool that is at least as good as the Pony/Adjustable/Jorgensen-branded ones, with decent plating on the steel bits and nicely finished edges on the woodwork.

Dubuque also makes the second best cam clamps I've found (after Klemmsia) and in the very useful 6" depth size that I cannot seem to find short of ordering from an EU vendor. Available on Amazon, but a bit less expensive and quicker delivery from TFWW and Highland.

Bessey makes a handscrew clamp line, but like most of their stuff made outside Germany, is a cut below their old stuff.

Another source is to buy used and refurbish...a bit of time with a plane or fine-set jointer can provide nice, clean jaw tips.

Good to see you are still here, William - did a quick pass through PATINA this year and somehow missed you.

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