Hand Tools

Re: planing long thin strips-how to hold?

Hank Knight

I made a jig for planing thin pieces. It is simply a long, narrow piece of 1/2" BB Plywood with two carpet tacks driven side-by-side into the surface at one end. I clamp it to my bench top with dogs. Use more than two tacks if the width of the work piece calls for more. The heads of the racks are just proud of the surface and catch the edge of the work piece at the far end. I sharpened the edges of the tacks with a fine file so they actually grab the work piece a little. The tacks seem to work better than just a thin board for a stop. If the tack heads are low enough you can plane right over them without damaging your plane iron if you're careful. As Warren said, clamping the tail end of a long, thin work piece will prevent it from buckling.


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