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Re: For all who have built a kitchen

Jeff Heath
Nice work, Derek.

There are euro-style 35mm hinges available that allow for a 3/8" rabbeted inset door, just like Bill's picture.

They mount just like the one's you show in your picture, except that they are designed to work with the 3/8" inset rabbeted door.

I just finished a big job using them, as the customer insisted upon this door style, which kept the new cabinetry in period to their mid-century modern home, which they were doing a complete remodel on, but wanted custom cabinetry throughout.

The hinges are $50 a set, so not as bad as the $112 brass ones, but still pretty pricey for hinges on a kitchen with 30 doors.....

I said it before, but this time I swear by it.....that was my very last kitchen job....EVER.

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