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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
...the problem being alignment.

These hinges are a seldom used option for those that want a hidden hinge and don't mind frame exposure. Because they are seldom used I thought it useful to introduce them.

The idea behind overlay doors as they are executed in "modern" kitchens is to minimize door frame exposure as well as hide the hinges. Minimizing door frame exposure leads to the problem Derek encountered. Kitchens and cabinetry hung in them does not have the precision of a well made chest of drawers. The European style hinges enable some adjustment. In the case of my daughter's house it leads to 9 degrees of freedom(doors) to be diddled with to get the reveals equivalent.

In my case I wanted to not see hinges and but didn't care if frames were exposed. The use of rift grain in the door frame and cabinet frame result in a blended look. Lipped doors are self aligning, if the case is square so the adjustment problem is eliminated.

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