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Re: For all who have built a kitchen

david weaver
Looks good, Derek.

I worked in a cabinet factory (not a woodworking shop, a straight up do one thing over and over all day factory with 500 employees) when I was in college.

I still do remember what we sold a lot of back then (1996-1998) at the height of loose credit in the US (which translated to the first real wave of people pulling money out of their house to get improvements done).

We had light and dark oak doors, the light oak were the biggest sellers back then by a wide margin (it was the era of honey oak and brass hardware). White RTF was the second biggest seller - I hated the looks of those, they looked like plastic, I guess because the cover on the doors is similar to plastic. Probably about 10-20% of the sales were plain maple and red stained maple, which is still popular now, including flat panel doors like yours. I could tell back then that they looked better than the rest of the stuff, and the wood characteristics were much more desirable to look at and touch.

They (the maples) have stood the test of time well, and will do so for a long time. The rest of the stuff we made in droves...not so much.

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