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david weaver
I got the sense looking at it that perhaps the bottom of the plane may have a rebate cut all the way around so that it sits in the groove. That is, the area that sits in the groove could be smaller than the length and width of the plane, if that makes any sense.

Mine will not have anything like that. I don't think I want to waste that much beech to make a board that large, though I have enough. I'll probably just get decent BB ply and use that, and then make a pine retaining piece that snugs the plane to the side of the board.

Not that it will probably get enough use for it to matter, but I wouldn't want the glue edge of BB ply wearing on the top of my plane.

The whole thing would've been better with two skewed irons. It'll probably be about a 9 pound plane and won't need skew, though.

I think the biggest challenge in building all of it will be to get the miter fences to be very close to 45 degrees and nearly perfect vertically, too. Shouldn't be too much trouble with hand fitting, though.

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