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A Wierd Shooting Plane
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A Nifty Shooting Plane ()

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)

I suspect that the recess/channel is for the plane to ride in - think of the Stanley #51/52 cute board. However, in this case, it does not extend the length of the runway ... which makes one wonder how it could work?

While it looks like it should be a set up for picture framing, I want to ask "what was this shooting board use for?" - is this another from the printing industry?

I do not like the double bladed woodie. I would be concerned that the impact from one end will loosen the iron/wedge at the opposite end (the strike forward would be similar to a rap with a hammer at the heel). I'd rather build a simple strike block plane.

I also do not like the fences. How does one know that the angles are complimentary? One like this is complementary ...

Regards from Perth


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