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A Nifty Shooting Plane

david weaver
I'm struggling to figure out what kind of beech planes to make since I don't really need any more of the standard designs, but I've got a bunch of irons left.

I found this sometime last year and put it off, because it's not very practical (I still think it's not very practical), but it's interesting and that's good enough reason to build it.


It looks to be single iron, and I have two matching single irons that would work (the "Kenyon" rounded top type that were on Ebay a couple of years ago), but both of those do not have a hollow in the back, but rather a hump. I've got no interest in fighting that - it's a defect, and just another example of how the art of things has gotten lost over time = at least in some cases.

So it will be double iron. It should be, anyway, in case it's used to shoot edges.

I haven't gotten any further than to size the blank. I've been lacking energy recently, to say in the least - not sure why. But going slow instead of trying to wham this out in a weekend or two is not a big deal. (Ignore the smoothers. I took this picture to say something about the norris in another post, but other than to say that it works as well as my favorite stanley, that's about all I could come up with! That, and for all of the press about the earlier norris planes being so much better, I fail to find anything at all wrong with this one after lapping the bottom - it may not be clear from the picture - it's a later type with beech body).


By the way, on the shoot board picture above, if someone has an idea of why there is a wide groove under the shoot plane, I'd like to know. Is it a dust catcher or something like that to keep stray shavings or chips from bumping the plane off course?

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