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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
In published work testing steel and other planing variables it is common to report nearly that length of planing for a single experiment. In one study of planing defects (tear-out) vs blade dullness, the x-axis is in km, ending at 4 km!

In Kato's work a test was carried on for 200 m, including their test of blade steels, which were done on abrasive and non-abrasive wood species. 200 m was ample to confidently detect differences in wood species.

An experience person doing research begins with the literature. Search the literature to see what others have done. Typical scientific and engineering literature is peer reviewed before publication to see if experts in the field support how the experiments were done and whether conclusions logically follow the results.

Guided by the experience of prior work, then launch your research effort. There was amble literature on the study of bade wear to guide the LV effort. They apparently ignored it and come up with an experimental plan that I don't think would sustain peer review.

When LV saw that a sound experimental plan was too long to investigate all the steels and angles, the prudent approach would have been to do scouting experiments to narrow the candidates for more in depth testing.

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