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Stewie Simpson
Frank; because I am primarily working with side and end grain to round over the saw handles profiles, I avoid the use of routers, preferring instead to use a variety of dedicated hand rasps. The following is one of those dedicated rasps sold by Logier in France. Due to the high degree of hardness and abrasive nature in some of the handle woods I use, my personal preference are the Sapphire Coating Rasps. http://www.hand-stitched-rasp-riffler.com/handlemaker-rasp.html

Further smoothing work is carried out using a range of sandpaper grit cut into thin strips for ease of use. Coats of Amber or Garnet Shellac are then included between each change in sandpaper grit, to effectively fill in, and generate a depth in top coat thickness over the handle woods face, side and end grains.

The Shellac I use prefer to use is de-waxed, and is sold in flake form, ready for mixing with Denatured Alcohol. (100% Methylated Spirits).


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