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Re: Chisel question on 'Messages'

Jeff Heath
I have a Merrill and Wilder chisel in my arsenal. I remember researching the company, and it's a lesser known, but excellent quality maker of fine tools. The chisel I own is very old, but the quality of the steel is excellent. It takes a very sharp edge, and edge retention is quite good.

The chisel I have is thinner than usual, and tapers to a greater thickness further up towards the socket. I have it ground at 22° and use it in my planemaking on a daily basis, as it's the only paring chisel I can get up inside a new plane mouth when I'm opening the mouth initially.

I was able to find the history of the company online, but it's been a while, so I don't want to guess and misrepresent.

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Chisel question on 'Messages'
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Re: Chisel question on 'Messages'
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