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Stewie Simpson

The slot for the bottom rail was cut to a depth of 5mm using 40mm slitting blade mounted to a router table. Note; the top mounting flange on the slitting saw holder I use has an OD of 30mm.

For cutting the slot around the cheek line and spine mortise I normally use a 50mm slitting blade to achieve an initial slot depth of 10mm. The remaining depth of cut is completed using a backsaw of matching kerf width. (tooth set removed)

These type of slitting blades are designed to be run at low speed to minimize vibration. The greater the OD of the slitting blade, the greater the potential for vibration to occur. Personally I prefer not to exceed an OD of 50mm. Excessive vibration will result in the slot turning out oversize. If using a router it needs to be mounted securely to a router table. A variable speed router set to its lowest rpm is highly advised.

The following shows the type of 1/2 shank holder I use. The graduated steps allows the user a greater choice of inner bore sizes that are common within the range of slitting blades available.


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