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John Aniano in Central NJ
Thanks Andrew,

When I toured the Albany museum with my sister years ago, I saw this little English joined stool ca 1650, and really liked it. I asked the museum guards if they minded me getting close to, but not touching the piece, in order to make a working drawing, and they said yes. With them watching me, and by holding the museum fold-out brochure near, but not touching the stool, with a pencil, I copied the stool's dimensions. Sort of an ad hoc story stick. Once back at my sister's house that evening, I drew out the actual working drawing using the marks made on the brochure. That, along with a few photos taken, allowed me to make a convincing copy of the original. Peter Follansbee's book had come out in around 2012 and was the impetus to make the stool. Took me a while, working when I could get quality shop time.

I have far better images of this along with in progress photos; some day, I'll do a posting on how it was made. Almost entirely with hand tools, except for the chain saw to cut the log and a bandsaw to trim the ends of the legs prior to turning them. I have a good, sharp crosscut saw now for that!

Over and out.

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