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Paul R.
>I recently bought a Powermatic 66 saw and was disappointed to find out that many of the parts are no longer US origin. The motor controller is Taiwanwese and the main bearings on the arbor are Chinese. I've recently heard (but don't know how to confirm) that some of the castings are made in China now as well. I had some trouble with the machining of the arbor assembly on mine - the threaded portion was not completely machined and so the blade would not fit tight against the arbor flange. Powermatic fixed it, but it was a hassle. The throat plates that come with it are junk - not at all flat, including the replacements I requested. You'd need to replace these with something aftermarket if you want it to be flat. Also, my table surface was out of flat by about 0.008", which is more than I 'd like but is within Powermatics tollerance. The extension wing would not fit properly until I filed the mating edges square. The motor cover is cheap plastic - I would have preferred a metal cover. Except for the out-of-flatness of the table, I've got it working well now, but it was more hassle than I expected.

I've looked at the General table saw and have been impressed with the fit and finish. The trunion design is a bit lighter weight than the Powermatic. I have never used the General table saw, but have been very pleased with their bandsaw. My comments about General pertain only to the Canadian-made equipment - I don't know anything about theiri "International" line.

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check out Sawstop!!!! *NM*
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