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Brian Roberts
>Hello Butch - I have a Leigh jig - model D-1258R-24. Some months after I bought it Leigh sold me the upgrade kit (cam locks for the wood clamping bars). As far as I can tellthat was the only difference between mine and the D3, since they also offered the "new style" user's guide at the sme time, which was for the D3. I do not know the difference between the D3 and the D4?

I also have a complete CMT 10 piece router bit set (Item #800-502).
I have used this to build one 7 drawer lingerie chest. It has no router cuts in any of the fingers. It will need dusting off but is complete.

It's going on Ebay in the next few days - There is one (item #260054879631) currently at about $300 on Ebay. Also two completed Ebay auctions (item #'s 230047472498 & 290049425458) that sold very recently (Nov 06) for $305 and $330, with the more complete one, but with only two bits, selling for $330.

At any rate I would consider selling mine, with the full bit set, for $350 to avoid listing it on Ebay.
Thanks - Brian
having sold for $330.

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