DVD woodworking/woodturning collection for sale

Lars Stole
>I have decided to sell off most of my DVD woodworking library. These DVD's are great, but I've watched them each several times now and would prefer to have another tool instead of the DVD's.

Price is $10 per DVD (except for the AAW set which is $15 for the three). Shipping and handling is $2 for the first DVD and $1 for each DVD after that. I will sell the Raffan set of 3 DVD's for for $25 (save $5) and the whole library for $115 (save $15).

Alan Lacer - The Skew Chisel
Trent Bosch - Sculpting Wood
Mahoney&Batty - Two Ways to Make a Bowl
Fine Woodworking - Making Jigs and Fixtures
Fine Woodworking - Video Tips (Volume 1)
Bill Grumbine - Turned Bowls made Easy
Bill Baumbeck - Basic Pen Turning
Leonard Lee - Sharpening Woodworking Tools
Richard Raffan - Turning Wood
Richard Raffan - Turning Projects
Richard Raffan - Turning Boxes
Klein, Jordan, Johnston, Lacer, et al. - Woodturning: Fundamentals of Sharpening
2005 AAW Symposium (3 DVDs) - Techniques (Volumes 1&2) and Instant gallery

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DVD woodworking/woodturning collection for sale
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