Micro Beading Tools *PIC*

Fred in NC
>I made these tools for pen turning, but they can be used for other small turnings such as ornaments and miniatures. The set consists of a metal handle, made from 1/2" drill rod, 5" long. Half, or 2-1/2" is turned down to 3/8" so a wood handle can be made to fit. The hole is 17/64" which will take 3/16" square tool bits, and also 1/4" round bits. A set screw secures the bit to the handle.

There are 3 beading bits available: 1/8", 3/16, and two 1/16" beads side by side. The same radius has been milled on either side of the bead. These are made from very good tool steel, and have been professionally hardened by a metals lab (which caters to machinists) to about 56-58 Rockwell. They are approximately 1-7/8" long.

I sold a number of these last year to penturners, and by request made some more. Currently I have 5 handles left, and quite a few more of the bits.

Bits are $10 each, and the handle is $14. Plus shipping charges.

Please contact me by email if interested.

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Micro Beading Tools *PIC*
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