FS: PC dovetail jig, Makita sharpener, etc (Chi.)

Lars Stole
>Ok, here is another round of stuff that I don't use and I am selling to raise cash for some planes I want instead.

Porter Cable dovetail jig (#4112), unused in original packaging. Bought it for $120. PC has upgraded this model to #4212, but near as I can tell it is the same thing. (Both items are listed on amazon.) I took the plunge and got an Akeda jig soon after buying this so I never have used it. $70.

Makita 9820-2 blade sharpener with planer-blade jig. I paid about $250 for this sharpener; another $40 for the planer blade jig. I don't use it anymore since I have disposable planer and jointer blades on my machinery. I'm willing to part for the set for $100.

Veritas honing/sharpening system, I. Paid $40 for it, but I upgraded to the Veritas MKII system recently and I don't need two honing jigs. $20.

Journeyman Beadlock kit (unopened) with a package of unopened beadlock tenon stock. Amazon sells these items for $39 and $7. It allows you to make floating mortise and tenon joints with a drill. It was a thoughtful gift, but one that I will never use (I like to use my router for this kind of joint). Package for $20.

Bessey 60" K-bodies. Used twice. Cost about $45 each at amazon. I'll sell my pair for $45.

I prefer to sell everything locally, but I'll consider shipping the beadlock kit and dovetail jig if I don't get any local interest.

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FS: PC dovetail jig, Makita sharpener, etc (Chi.)
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