Spier's Coffin shaped Infill *PIC*

Dan Clermont in Burnaby
>I have a Spier's coffin shaped infill I have been hoarding for the last couple of years. I just don't use the darn thing and it has sat on my mantle up till now.

Time to pass it on.

The plane has some new wood. The bun is a beautiful crotch walnut, Blade bed is original and has 389 stamped into the side. The tote is also walnut.

Blade width is 2 1/8" and made by Aaron Hildick. One could buy a replacement blade from Joel at TWW cause his Ray Iles infills uses a 2 1/8" wide blade. I exchanged e-mails with Ray at one time and we discussed him making a custom blade a little thicker which would allow me to file the mouth opening open and get a peak of light but it never happened. I have found a 16 thou shim closes the mouth up nicely when I played with it.

I am asking $280US including shipping anywhere within the Continental US and Canada. This includes the insurance.

I take Paypal, International Money Orders, Cashier's checks and personal checks although if I don't recognize your name I may hold the check for 10 days

Please e-mail me at for more pics

Dan Clermont

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Spier's Coffin shaped Infill *PIC*
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