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Dave G.
>I have a Powermatic Model 50 6" jointer in good to very good shape. It's a late 60's model (pre racing stripe) with a 1/2 hp single phase motor. I'm a hobby woodworker as was the first owner. Included with this machine will be: 1) A new never installed cutter head assembly from Powermatic - head, bearings, knives, etc... Unbolt the old head and drop this one in place; 2) A second set of blades, just back from sharpening; 3) Magnetic blade holder for blade replacement; 4) Shop made moble base. I can send pictures.

Price $375 deliveried to Columbus, OH

I'm in Cleveland, OH - but planning to drive through Columbus in the next couple of weeks. I can deliver if you provide a non-refundable deposit (say $50)


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