New Rule: Open Auction and other announcements

Ted Owen, Moderator
>A number of the Hand Tools readers have asked that we provide some protection from certain auction posts. After discussion here at WoodCentral, we have a new rule to deal with the issue.

Any message on any WoodCentral messageboard, other than Classifieds, announcing that the poster of the message has listed--on any site, including but not limited to auction sites--a product for sale, shall be deemed in violation of the rule against commercial posts. This rule shall not be construed to prohibit sellers from answering questions about their products, including questions asking whether a particular product is, or ever might be, for sale.

This rule applies to prohibit such posts without regard to whether the poster is a commercial enterprise or an individual. The Classifieds messageboard continues to be available only for individuals. If an individual posts a WoodCentral Classified, it is permissible to post a short notice on any other messageboards that the Classified ad exists; however please include in the subject line language such as "Ad on WC Classifieds" to indicate the post relates to the Classified, so readers can skip that message if they wish.

While some other forums prohibit any reference to open auctions, we do not wish to do so; sometimes such references can be helpful and nonintrusive. Accordingly the new rule does not apply to prohibit or restrict noncommercial discussion of products offered for sale by persons or entities other than the poster. Hence a helpful "heads up" message that something is available on eBay, as well as a discussion of the relative merits of products for sale, shall continue to be encouraged. Heads up messages cannot, however, be posted, other than on the Classifieds messageboard, by the actual seller.

This rule shall not affect or restrict the content of messages posted by WoodCentral or the Moderators. Ellis needs to be free to make announcements or initiate discussion, but those messages will be marked clearly in the subject line.

The rule also is intended to apply to situations or circumstances not explicitly mentioned or currently foreseen. Accordingly, Moderators have authority to apply this or any other rule, or decline to apply this or any rule, in circumstances that in their judgment seem appropriate.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best, Ted,
Moderator, WoodCentral Hand Tools

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