Wooden Planes and adjusting hammers for sale?!?

Gary B in Central NY
>Hey everyone,

Here's the deal, I'm getting married in three weeks and could really use some dough. (apparently the dj and photographer don't work for free like us woodworkers) I've been thinking about making up some krenov-style wooden smoothers (9" long with 2" blade) and corresponding brass adjusting hammers for sale. I'd be able to sell a set for 125 US. they'd be o-1 steel blades, heat treated by me. I can ship them in a USPS flat rate box and I'd charge just the shipping. any takers? I'll post a pic of the first one when I can. I'm looking to make 10-15 of these to make it worth while.

Ps. I know these planes are meant to be very personal, so I appologize if I'm stepping on any holy grail, but like I said, I need the dough. I'll also consider making these, but not shaping them for a reduced price if anyone is interested in that way. you can contact me at Thank you.

Gary. B

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