Custom Tailstock Adapter *LINK*

>For those of you with 1” x 8 TPI turning fixtures, here is a solid tailstock adapter for your lathe. $24.99 plus shipping to your location.

Pictures are towards the bottom of the eBay listing. Last picture shows the adapter in a MT sleeve, so don't get confused like I did ;)

Use to hold your faceplates for chucking into a four-jaw chuck, hold your four-jaw chuck for centering into your Cole-jaws or vacuum chuck to finish the bottom… etc.

These are custom machined from solid steel, no aluminum used here! And the price is better than the aluminum versions! Eric, says the #2 MT shafts are precision ground too.

I am posting this for a Eric, 21-year-old young man in Ohio, that made five of them and has them on eBay. Said he will make other version for anyone that wants one. I ordered a 1.25" x 8 TPI for my lathes for the same price, along with some faceplates. If you don't want to use eBay, he said just e-mail him.

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