FS: Incra Version of JessEm Mast-R-Lift

Chip Charnley
>Selling a Router lift made by JessEm for INCRA based on the Mast-R-Lift made by JessEm. The enclosed docs say the following:

Your new Mast-R-Lift is a Special Edition Model manufactured to INCRA's custom specifications by JessEm Tool Company. Here are a few of the features that are included:
1. Incorporates INCRA's new 3-ring solid steel MagnaLOCK Ring Insert System in place of the 1-ring Tab-Loc ring insert system included with the standard model.
2. Incorporates INCRA's New CamLOCK plate locking system.
3. Incorporates INCRA's new Dual Plate Leveling System that works in all INCRA Router Tables as well as most other routher tables designed for 9.25" by 11.75" router plate inserts.

It looks just like the Mast-R-Lift you can see on the JessEm web site

Except that it is made in INCRA Gold colored metal instead of the Black and Red shown on this web site.

It is completely unused. It was never installed. It's been sitting in my shop waiting for a router table since the woodworking show last fall.

It also includes an adaptor for a BOSCH 1617EVS router.

The reason I am selling it is that before I could get my router table built, I was able to acquire a Hitachi M12V router in addition to my Bosch very inexpensively. I want to use the Hitachi in the table and keep the Bosch for free-hand work. Unfortunately there is no way to use the M12V in this lift so I have purchased a lift that will work with the M12V.

It retails for $300. It's currently on sale at Amazon for $250 without all the INCRA extras or the Bosch Adaptor plus shipping.

I'll sell it for $250 and I'll pay the shipping.

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