JET JBS-18 18" Bandsaw

Bob R.
>The bandsaw is a JBS-18. I bought this used because I just couldn't justify the price of a new 14" when this was available at about the same price. I'm selling it for about what I paid for it, but I replaced all the bearings in it after I got it. It is an older model that looks like the 14" but much bigger (not the square European style 18" that they now make). It's all cast iron and heavy. It has a 2 HP motor, all new bearings installed recently (just last year), new blue urethane tires, two new Lenox blades (I think they are 1/4" and 3/4"), a delta mobile base, about 10" resaw capacity and it can be wired for either 120 V or 240 V. It weighs about 300-350 lbs. all assembled so it is very stable. I have only put a few hours on it since replacing the bearings and it runs great. This thing will cut through anything and it's priced better than one of the new top of the line Jet & Delta 14" models but has a lot more power and capacity. I'd keep it if I had the room but my wife and I just moved into a new house and I donít have the space I used to have. It does not have a fence because the fence was bent when I got it so I just got rid of it. It wasn't as nice as the new fences out now anyway. I figured I'd replace it one day but never really needed to. I find that the only thing I ever needed a fence for on the bandsaw was resawing so I made a fence specifically for that job that just clamps to the table. It's about 6-7" high so it works much better than any 3" tall commercial fence when it comes to resawing. You can have it with the saw as well. I don't currently have any pictures because it is in my garage disassembled since the move. You are welcome to come look at it in Swedesboro, NJ if you are interested. I'm asking $600 but reasonable offers will be considered. For comparison, a new Jet Deluxe 14" is around $650 and a new Delta X5 14" is around $900.

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