Dewalt 1030K RAS without Motor *PIC*

Mike Fitterling
>Ya'll might have seen that my 1030K motor gave up the ghost. Well, I picked up another RAS this weekend and am going to sell what's left of the old 1030K. This is a complete, in excellent shape, 1030K (square arm) Dewalt RAS from the early 60s or so. I have everything, but the motor and anti-kickback rod/pawls. The table is not included. It would be nice to get $100 for it. This would be a great deal for someone with a beat up 1030 or a 1030 motor but no saw. I believe that the 1030 and 1030K are the same machine except for the shape of the arm (1030 is round) and that the same frame motor fits either saw. My RAS takes a frame 245 motor. Below is a picture. The funky rotary switch on the top of the arm has been removed since the pic was taken. A stock toggle switch is all you need for a switch whihc mounts on the arm. The blade shown does not come with the saw. I have all the bolts, etc. to hang the motor on the carriage.

I am in central Florida. Pickup would be best, but shipping might be possible (at your expense) as it weighs a lot less without the motor.

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