Emerson-Built Craftsman Table Saw *PIC*

Mike Fitterling
>I just picked up a Jet cabinet saw and no longer need Ole Faithful. I would like to get $150. Don't think shipping would be an option for this piece of machinery. This has served me well for years and would make a decent starter saw for someone.

Saw is left-tilt and has a link belt. Stamped steel wings. The infamous Craftsman fence is included! Also, a finely crafted walnut sacrificial fence that attaches to it ;). Included is a small outfeed table shop-built using a hollow core door. Also, a cross-cut sled and a large cross-cut sled I made for doing cabinet dados. The package also includes a nice HTC-1000 mobile base :). The saw also has a kind of effectual plastic Sears add-on dust collector chute. I will throw in a couple of cheap Oldham blades to get you going and a Benchdog blade changing thingy. Also includes original mitre guage and blade wrench. This saw DOES NOT have a splitter/guard. It did not have one when I bought it. The original insert and a well-worn zero clearance insert also included.

Below is pic. If you want to see detailed pics, PM me and I will email them to you.


Mike (located in Lake Wales, Florida). 863-678-3149

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Emerson-Built Craftsman Table Saw *PIC*
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