Powermatic Tablesaw in Cleveland
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WTB Table saw ()

Dave G.
>For Sale: Powermatic Tablesaw Model 68. $1200 firm
This saw is very similar to the Model 66, but will use a 10" or 12" blade. The table is also larger than the 66 (38 x 48") all cast iron made in the USA. You get a bigger, heavier duty saw for the same price as the Model 66. New 3 hp single phase motor. I have the original 3 phase motor and starter at additional cost or as a swap for the single phase motor. Overall condition is very good. The arbor bearings were replaced less the 10 hrs of use ago and the saw has just been cleaned and greased. It comes with the original fence and rails(tube style).

Located in Greater Cleveland.

I will crate for the cost of the crating materials. Buyer picks up or arranges shipping.

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