Cherry and Chestnut for sale

Robert Fuller
>4/4 planks mostly. Some larger chunks already squared off. If you are interested I can send a photo of MOST of the lumber as it came right off the mill before I stickered it. It has been stickered and air drying in my shed for 6 months. Prior to that it was stored in the shed for almost a year in log form.

email or post if interested. I will email a phone number back.

For the right price I will even deliver it within 200 miles of my home.

Here is an estimate of the tally of the wood. This is the count of slabs, but it is incomplete because there were some pieces in back of the main piles that I could not get to for measurement. Unless specified the planks are 1" thick. All of these are rough cut, unfinished pieces of lumber.


quantity size

7 13" x 11'

44 11" x 8'

9 10" x 8'

5 8" x 8'

8 8" x 4'

4 8" x 3'

4 6" x 8'


4 14" x 11'

1 10" x 11'

3 10" x 6'

24 6" x 5'

5 6" x 3'

4 5" x 11'

1 4" x 4" x 4'

$2.50/bd foot for the cherry

$2.50/bd foot for the chestnut

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Cherry and Chestnut for sale
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