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dave caudill
>Here is a list of some of the tools I mentioned in a post on the hand tools section.

Thanks for looking.

Lie-Nielsen # 10 1/4 This plane is new and in the box and I will sell it for the pre-sale price of $275.00 which I paid.

Stanley # 4 1/2 $70
Stanley #7 WW 2 Model in great shape $75
Millers Falls #22 (same as Stanley #7) Excellent Condition $65
Nice Stanley #4 Type 7-ish Beautiful wood on it and bottom has been flattened $40
Same as above but a #6, again nice wood It has been flattened also $50
Stanley #3 Sweetheart era, beautiful plane in excellent condition $90
Stanley #40 Scrub body, missing the blade and lever cap $35

Saws: These saws are all sharp and many by Tom Law and the cost reflects this plus shipping to and from Tom.

Disston D-8 11 ppi, newer 40's era saw in like new condition, $65
Disston #7 7 ppi X-cut 24" panel saw, $50
Disston #7 9 ppi X-cut 22" panel saw, $55
Warranted Superior (Disston) 9 ppi X-cut 20" panel saw, $55

Jackson Split nut backsaw 14" 12 ppi rip, great shape for its age $85
Jackson split nut backsaw 12" 13 ppi X-cut excellent condition, $90
Disston 8" #4 steel back dovetail saw, 15 ppi rip beautiful, parts of label still on handle $125
Disston 8" #5 brass back dovetail saw, 17 ppi rip, excellent condition, $135
Hoosier Tool 8" brass back dovetail saw, 16 ppi rip new. This was sold as a kit and I shaped the handle and finished it. The company is now out of business. $115

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