Exaktor Sliding Table *PIC*

Matt Meiser, Ida, MI
>I've decided to sell my Exaktor Sliding table. It is the model EX26X which can crosscut a full sheet of plywood. You can read more on Exaktor's web site at Mine is a few years old and they've made an improvement giving the ability to add inserts in the table which you can't do on the one I have. Other than that, everything looks the same. New price is $789 + shipping, I'd like to get $450. It would probably best to pick it up from me in Southeast Michigan, or I could meet you in Colubmus, OH the weekend of the 14th & 15th. If you really want it shipped, that could be arranged, but because of the number of long parts, I'm not sure it would be practical, especially since I don't have the original packaging.

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