Have to weigh in on this one...

John Cotten
>After years of working professionally in the wood industry, and having attended a number of IWF and similar shows over the years, I can't tell you the number of times I have seen asian companies at those shows specifically for the purposes of looking for American and European machines they can reverse engineer and build. Can't tell you the time I have seen the video cameras out and runnning, and the digital cameras, notebooks,etc as the reps worked taking all of the critical notes possible.

Same with some of the wood products some of the companies make. I have a friend who is in a lawsuit regarding a patent infringement case that bankrupted his company, dis-employeed 110 employees, all because a Twainese company started building a patented product and selling here at half the price he can produce here in the states.

The Twainese company started making the product at the request of a large retailer here in the use that used his designs after buying product from my friend for 5 years.

Goes both ways, but as for me I would love to have the W&H. Great machine and built to last forever.

John Cotten
Scribe Mark Woodworks
Harrodsburg, KY

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