JVC Everio Hard Disk Camcorder *LINK*

Dawn Adams
>Not wood related, but I just purchased a JVC Everio Hard Disk Camcorder GZ-MG20U on E-bay for my husband for Christmas to replace his old camcorder that uses VCR tapes. I made the mistake of trying to suprise him - I will never do that again. He does not want to learn how to use the new camcorder and wants me to sell it. Since I got it on E-bay, I can't return it. It is brand new in box. I took it out and used it once to show him how it works (it works great). It takes both video and still images and saves them on hard disk or you can use an SD card. It can store up to 24 hours of video. You can connect it to a TV or computer to store or view your images. It comes with all of the cables, a battery, and a recharger. I have included a link to Best Buys information on the camera. It is selling new for $629. I will sell it for $500 plus shipping. Hope this will make someones Christmas. E-mail me with any questions.

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