E-bay failed me! Hammond "Trim-O-Saw"

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>Nobody over at the "big E" had an interest in bidding on this original Hammond Trim-O-Saw. I don't know why. These are great little saws. Ask Ellis, he used to have one.

This saw is in pretty good condition. The bearings are good on the arbor and I'm including a 3/4 HP motor (not shown in this picture.) I can send you a picture of the motor, if you like.

The great advantage to this saw is that the blade mounts flush on the end of the arbor. The arbor then pivots upward to allow you to cut with the whole face of the blade if needed. This allows you to take that last 32nd or 64th off the whole surface of your piece, up to about 7".

I tried to start the E-bay auction at $80, with the hope of taking it over $100. I'll sell it here on WC for the $80, plus shipping. I'm in East Tennessee if you'd rather pick it up, and could probably be persuaded to burn a little gas to bring it to you, particularly if you'll buy the gas. I always enjoy meeting folks from WoodCentral.

Thanks for looking, 8^]
Gary Evans

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